Cadac Leisure Range

Cadac Leisure Range

Cadac offer an extensive range of “Adventure To Go” products that fulfils the growing needs, worldwide, for people to ‘escape’ from the congested, cloned, time-starved lifestyle. People need an easy, affordable and universally accessible way to get more value from their precious leisure moments. Cadac Barbecues innovative, quality range of cooking, camping and accessories, has been developed and designed, with the growing need for outdoor comfort and convenience, in mind. Enjoy the adventure of new discoveries with us.


Cadac stays in touch with evolving lifestyles and the growing worldwide trend of people seeking ways to make the most of outdoor living, leisure time and outdoor events, shared with family and friends.  Because Cadac’s innovative, quality gas and charcoal patio range and fine accessories have been developed and designed, with evolving outdoor leisure lifestyles in mind, Cadac has become synonymous with great outdoor cooking enjoyment and companionship not only away from home but on patios everywhere.

 Cadac Carri Chef 2

The Carri Chef 2 is an easy to build, easy to use, easy to clean, simple to store and modular outdoor barbecue system. The powerful round stainless steel burner with piezo ignition offers finely adjustable temperature control ensuring consistent results on the grill.

The dome has a thermometer which allows you to oven roast, smoke meats, steam or bake with confidence. Lid off for grilling, lid on for in-direct oven type cooking.














Cadac Grillo Chef 2

The Grillo Chef 2 is a robust, compact and portable BBQ is perfect for barbecuing and grilling meat, fish or vegetables. This mid-sized, lightweight BBQ range has an updated power burner with finely adjustable temperature control. The addition of of automatic piezo ignition makes lighting the Grillo Chef 2 a complete breeze.

The BBQ comes in either free-standing or tabletop versions and folds away easily in its strong carry bag.

Cadac Safari Chef 2

The Safari Chef 2 is a portable and versatile gas BBQ, weighing less than 4kg.

Available in High Pressure and Low Pressure versions, and with upto four cooking surfaces, the Safari Chef is perfect for camping, caravan or motorhome use.


Cadac 2 Cook 2

The 2 Cook 2 is a lightweight low pressure stove that is ideal for camping, caravanning, or motorhomes.

The BBQ/Stove offers versatile cooking options with independent non-stick reversible ribbed/flat grill plate. These gives a quicker heat up time and the option of grilling or frying. At the same time a pot could be used on the other side. The flat plate is ideal for cooking fish, breakfasts and pancakes and the ribbed plate is ideal for grilling meat, fish, chicken and vegetables.

Cadac Braai

The Braai is a lightweight  BBQ offering a number of different interchangeable cooking options.  From grilling fish, meat, chicken or vegetables to eggs and bacon or a stir fry, teh cadac Braai is the perfect entry-level BBQ.



Where Will Your Cadac Take You?

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